Vacation Tips

Protect Your Condo While on Vacation

Condominium insurance is meant to give you piece of mind at all times, especially when you are on vacation. During the winter months, many Canadians enjoy sunny vacations to escape the long and sometimes grueling winter. The last thing that a condo owner wants is a phone call from a family member or friend saying that something has gone wrong back home at their condo unit. In addition to checking off items on your vacation checklist, make sure you check off the preventive listed practices below for your condo unit:

1.  If possible - turn off your condominium unit’s water supply and drain the pipes a. The most common kind of loss to condo property is water damage, and the damage to your condo unit can be much more severe if you are away and a burst pipe goes un-detected.

2.  Keep the heat on. You may think you are saving some money by turning your condo unit’s heat off, but this could end up costing you more in the long run - and possibly void your condo insurance coverage in the event of a water damage loss. During the heating season, pipes can freeze and break causing a great amount of damage to your condominium and your wallet.

3.  Make your condo unit look occupied

a. Snow removal - If your property requires snow removal, have a designated person remove snow from pathways or the driveway.

b. Keep some lights on - Strategically keep certain lights on near windows and doors. If you are away for long and/or frequent periods of time, it may be worthwhile to invest in a timer.  Have a neighbour or trusted individual pick up newspapers and flyers from your doorstep

4.  Pets - Make sure your pets are well taken care of while you are away. They could be up to unusual behaviour that could damage your condo property when you are not present.

5.  Have a trusted individual such as a neighbour or loved one regularly visit your condo. Did you know that in order for your condo insurance policy to remain valid your condominium unit must be regularly inspected by a competent person? CondoGold’s insurance coverage, unlike most condo insurance policies, covers insurable damage for up to 7 days during un-occupancies during the heating season between inspections, compared to 96 hours with most other insurers.

6.  Tell your concierge or property manager that you will be away. Your concierge or condo property manager should have your best interest in mind. Make them aware that you are away so they can take action if they detect any unusual behaviour surrounding your condominium property.

7.  Don’t forget to lock your doors and windows

8.  Alarm or Monitoring System. Depending on what type of condominium you occupy or if you travel regularly, it may be a worthwhile investment.

9.  Social Media. It may sound like a great idea to announce to everyone on Facebook or Twitter that you will be sulking in some rays down south – however make sure that your “friends” or “followers” are trusted. They may be looking to take advantage of your condo property or precious items while you are away.

If you require any additional information, make sure you contact your CondoGold Insurance Broker as they are your most trusted and reputable source for condo insurance information.